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His legacy
Matthew's Legacy  
Matthew's Legacy

Matt didn't leave a written legacy, but he left a legacy far more important,

Matthew was born on the 17 February 2000,

he was a lovely baby Loved and cherished by all.

Unfortunately Matt was not with us long enough

and sadly died shortly before his 5th birthday.

In the short time he spent on this earth

he touched so many peoples lives,

from family to friends to a complete stranger.

Everyone who came into contact with Matt

could not help but be effected by his charm and character.

He had an ability to make a dull day come to life,

he always new just how to bring a smile to anyone's face.

be it by the way he just looked at you with that grin of his 

or through one of the many games he played.

He was so good at winding people up you could not help but laugh. 

An ability for which he will always be remembered.

This is the legacy Matthew has left us all

Matt, you were an example of pure grace,
so full of love, laughter  and an inspiration to us all…
So often in life we take for granted the things of real importance,
but in times like this we are quickly reminded of
the meaning of this life,
those we share it with and the hope of being reunited
with our love ones in eternal life.

For Matthew.






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