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This memorial website was created in the memory of my beloved son, Matthew Jack Burns who was born in the United Kingdon on the 17th February 2000 and fell asleep on the 30th November 2004
 at the age of 4.
A much loved son, brother and grandson,
deeply missed by all.

Also remembering Victoria (R.9),
Matthews big sister lost to miscarriage
10th October 1997.


I'm going to tell you something I hope you'll never have to know.  I'll tell you how a heart can break & tears can constant flow.  I lost my little boy you see, an Angel in my eyes.  God chose to take his hand one day & led him to the skies.  But please do not forget my child he was a person too, And forever he will live inside of me & you.  So, please don't ever tell me that time will heal my pain,  Because not even time can bring him back again.  Just tell me he is happy in that land way up above.  He's snuggled in an Angel's wings all wrapped in Mummy's love.

Also remembering Grandad Jack
who got his wings
19th March 1989.
Age 60


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Matthew was born in Bolton, weighing 6lb 7oz a much wanted and loved baby. Made very precious due to the fact that he didn't breathe when the cord was cut. We thought we were going to lose him but thankfully we didn't. Instead we had almost five years to build memories. Almost five years of smiles, laughter and love.
A wonderful, placid baby who was so good that I really didn't know I had him, always happy and smiling and always making us smile.
Matthew was a little boy who loved life and all it had to offer. He could even make a shopping trip fun!!
He never moaned or complained about anything and saw everything as an opportunity to have fun.
A typical boy, into everything with no fear at all.
Matthew made our family complete, he brought sunshine and smiles to all who had the honour of being in his presence for even a short time. He was also lucky enough to have two 'familys', I worked for the first couple of years of Matthew life, the childminder who took care of him was an Angel on earth and Matthew became a part of their family too, often I would get a phone call to say they were going out and would take Matthew with them and drop him off at home later. I could not thank them enough for being a wonderful and important part of Matthews short life, they went on to become his God parents, it seemed the obvious choice.

So many times he would say things that made us laugh, even at such a young age he had a very dry sense of humour and loved to tease his big brother and sister and even me at times. When the recent pictures were taken Matthew had scrapes on his fore head and nose. He had fallen over at school , the teacher had telephoned to 'warn' me then I wouldnt be suprised when I saw him. As Matthew came out of school I asked him what had happened, he told me he had been fighting!! When he saw the look of suprise on my face he said (in a rather amused way) 'I wasn't fighting really mum, I fell over'. I don't think he realised just how small he was.

Matthew loved Spiderman and everything he had or wanted was spiderman related. He could even 'be'  Spiderman, he would climb the door frame, one hand and foot on each side!
The only problem, apart from mucky hand prints on my door frame was that he couldnt get down, we had to walk under his legs until he was ready then I had to lift him down.  

A very generous child who when given pocket money by relatives would give it to his brother or sister, he’d rather they have it. If we went to the shop and they all had the same money, he would give them his change.    
His school held an appeal for milk carton tops, they wanted them to raise money for a local boy who needed a new wheelchair. Matthew would insist that I put the milk away in the fridge without the top as he had to put it in the bag for the little boy. When he had a bag full he took them to school, so proud that he was doing his bit for the boy who wasn’t as lucky as he was. We started filling another bag and when Matthew had gone it was still there in the kitchen, he didn’t get the chance to take the second bag.
Matthew had a passion for tomato ketchup and when Id ask him what he'd like for his tea it was always what would he have with his sauce as opposed to could he have sauce with it. The only thing he didnt have sauce with was jam sandwiches which he would have lived on if I'd let him.
Matthew always insisted on wearing his shoes on the wrong feet, not because he didnt know which they went on but because he liked them that way.
If anybody told him they were on the wrong feet he would simply cross his feet over and say they were right again.
Matthew had an answer for everything!!!
Like when I told him he had to start sleeping in his own bed, he’d been in mine for over two years since his dad and I separated……. He said ‘No mum, I’m going to sleep with you forever’. I had no idea how true that would be, that only a week or so later the angels would come and rescue him from our bed.

Pneumoccocal meningitis claimed my precious boy. The doctor had been out the day previously after Matthew seemed a little unwell with flu – like symptoms, he diagnosed an ear infection, one of the symptoms of pneumoccocal meningitis.
On the 29th November we had a new karaoke machine delivered, Matthew asked if he could try it out. In typical Matthew style he sat shouting into the microphone that it wasn’t working, of course it was and Im sure the whole street heard him. It took a while to convince him that it was working and eventually he sang one song before becoming tired again.
Later that night I put the Christmas tree up, it had never been up so early! It was late when I finished and Matthew was asleep on the settee, I turned the lights on and when he woke he said ‘Mum, that’s pretty’. Im so glad he saw it.
We went to bed and early the next morning the angels came for him. Meningitis damaged him so badly that he had to be ‘saved’. Matthew had already gone when I found him. I tried to give him mouth to mouth while we waited for help to arrive but after a couple of attempts I just went to pieces, a wonderful neighbour came and took over until the paramedics arrived, for that I will be eternally grateful.
We got an ambulance to the hospital, I hope where ever he was he was watching, he’d of loved a ride in an ambulance. Eventually the doctors managed to get his heart beating again and put him on life support, Matthew then had his second ride in an ambulance as he was taken to The Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital where a brain scan was done. Later that night after many tests and finally a diagnosis the consultants told us that Matthew could not come back from this, he could not survive and the machines could only keep his body going for a short time.
Matthew was already at peace, he had been sinse that morning, basically the doctors had just gotten Matthews body going again, he wasn't there.
At around half past eleven that night, a sofa was brought into the room and I held my precious boy for the last time, cuddled him as his life support was removed, he didnt even try to breathe, the damage was so bad that he couldn't. His heart slowed down and a few minutes later it stopped.
My wonderful son had gone.
Joshua and Charlotte had taken prints of Matthews hands and the nurse took hair cuttings and photographs, also a hand cast was made, these are all things I now treasure as they are the last memories of my son.

On the 7th of December Matthew came home for the last time, in his tiny white coffin. That was the last time I felt comforted. As I sat beside him and held his little hand I felt at peace. I knew his pain was over. Matthew slept in my room one last night and that was the one and only time I managed to get a word in edgeways so I made the most of it and said all the things I wanted to say to him. You can't get a lifetimes worth of words into one night but I did my best. The following morning he was taken to his final resting place. One thing that touched me and helped me get through that day was one simple act by the funeral director, instead of walking in front of the cars to the end of the road, she walked the whole way to the church, that woman showed Matthew the respect he deserved. Matthew was buried in his favourite Spiderman suit, surrounded by his favourite toys and of course his spiderman figures.
I will never ever forget him or stop loving and missing him, he has left a huge gap in our lives and that can never be filled. Our family will always be incomplete now but I thank him for the time he spent with us and the love and joy he brought to us.
I also thank him for the inspiration he gave... live life to the full and find fun in everything. Enjoy giving rather than receiving.



 My Mum, she tells a lot of lies
 She never did before.
 From now until the day she dies.
 She'll tell a whole lot more.

 She used to tell the truth, a lot
 But now it doesn't matter.
 I died and went to heaven,
 Her life is all a-shatter.

 Ask my Mum how is she.
 She'll say, "Yes, I'm fine!"
 She wants to beg "Please help me.
I can't find that boy of mine!"

 Ask my Mum, how is she,
 She'll say, "I'm all right."
 If that's the truth then tell me,
 Why does she cry each night?

 Ask my Mum, how is she,
 She seems to cope so well.
 She didn't have a choice, you see,
 Nor the strength to yell.

 You think you know the feeling,
 But this cannot be.
 For even though you loved me,
 You didn't love as much as she.

She will smile and tell you,
 "It's O.k. God has a plan."
 But she will turn away and cry
 'Cause she just can't understand.

 Tell a joke and she will laugh,
 But she is not O.k.
 She wants to share the joke with me,
 But it will not be today.

 I watch from here, in Heaven.
 Her distress disturbs my peace.
 Will someone please take care of her,
 And thus take care of me?

 "Some day you will feel better."
 "Yes I will." she lies.
 She knows this will not happen,
 Until the day she dies.

 "I was so lucky!
 I had him all those years!"
 (They passed in a minute,
 I shed so many tears.)

 Ask my Mum how is she,
 She'll say, "Thank you. Good."
 She cannot tell you how she feels.
 Oh, how I wish she could.

 Ask my Mum how is she,
 "I'm fine, I'm well, I'm coping."
 For God's sake, Mum, just tell the truth
 Just say your heart is broken.

 Ask my Mum how is she,
 "I'm well, I'm good. And you?"
 I'll shake my head in Heaven.
 It simply isn't true.

 She'll love me all her life.
 I loved her all of mine.
 But if you ask how is she,
 She'll lie and say she's fine.

 Her carnival is over.
 She's stepped off the carousel.
 But, to save you feeling badly,
 She'll say, "Thanks, all is well."

 My Mum, she's not gone mad, yet.
 But, oh so very nearly.
 Don't ask my Mum how is she,
Ask how is she, really.

 I am here in Heaven.
 I cannot hug from here.
 If she lies to you, don't listen.
 Hug her, hold her near.

 On the day we meet again,
 We'll smile and I'll be bold.
 I'll say, "You're lucky to get in here, Mum,
 With all the lies you told!"

 Written by: Jo Burr  

 After losing her 15yr old son, Simon



An Angel in the book of life
Wrote down my babys birth
And whispered as she closed the book
Too beautiful for Earth.

My Love Always to a special Angel
I never got to meet on earth
Love you likkle lady

I loved you though
you were not whole.
To me you were
my heart and soul.
A brand new life
inside of me.
Not meant to last,
not meant to be.
The ending swift,
the pain intense.
There was no fight
and no defence.
And now at peace
I lay you down,
beneath the snowdrops'
rich white crown.

Jack Wolfendale

I know you watch over my little ones Grandad
and I couldnt wish for anybody better
to do that job.
Until we are all together again,
love and miss you lots

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